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U-Stickies, A sticky removable materials that STICKS JUST LIKE MAGNET


I sell Flexible Magnetic Materials since 2002, a lots of customers keep asking me the following question: 

My fridge door is not metal, do you have magnet which can stick to it? 
I do not have metal surface in my office or in my home, how to use your magnet?
In my home, fridge is put inside a wooden cabinet, I can not use fridge magnet, what to do?
Fridge magnet can not stick to my glass whiteboard, what to do???
How to use magnet on glass? 
How to use magnet on a surface which is no ferrous? 

Yes, in our dairy life and working environment, ferrous wall surface is very limited, and a lots of fridge doors is not ferrous anymore.

Then I developed this removable sticky material, which can apply to any smooth walls, no matter it is magnetic or non magnetic, including glass, door, fridge, bottle, table, cabinet, car etc, when apply the product to any smooth glossy wall, use your hand to squeeze the air out, the material will firmly stick to the wall by vacuum-suction theory, no glue residue, reusable, environmental friendly. 


It can be Peel and Stick for more than 2000 times without problem, If the sticky side is dirty, just wash it by water, it will stick again like NEW!

UCI Removable Sticky Materials can replace Flexible Magnet Materials for a lots of applications. and can make full use of all kinds of smooth shiny walls and surfaces of your home and office..... 


And UCI Removable Sticky Materials is adhesive free, which has a lots of advantage comparing to self adhesive product, Self adhesive products is with glue on the back, which always cause the problem of glue residue or damage the wall surface when you remove the products, and the products itself will easy break during removable.

UCI Removable Sticky material can stick to any smooth shiny surfaces,  easy to move, easy to change,no glue residue, no harm to wall, eco-friendly, and reusable !


This material can be used to produce Dry Erase Sticky Notes, Dry Erase Sticky planners, Removable Sticky Childrens stickers, Removable Education sets, Removable Photo Frame, Removable file holders etc... 

The application is endless, it is just up to you imagination!!!


If you are interested in this new product, please contact us for more details.  


If you are interested in our removable products, please visit our other websitewww.uci-office.com. 


Thank you!


Jennifer Chan

Owner of UCI

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