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Magnetic Wall with Large size magnetic white board

2018-02-08 byAdmin

1. The company staff contacted our online shop and said that their office space is small, but their colleagues want a big white board in size 1.2*4M. The traditional vertical whiteboards take up too much space, and they don’t have such a large space for that. We immediately recommended to him our water-based magnetic paint and magnetic soft white board, it is said that the magnetic wall is painted by the company male colleagues, very easy, after that, they apply the magnetic soft white board to the magnetic wall. After the completion, the customer was very satisfied and sent the pictures to us, and praised the final result is perfect!

This is a 1.2*4M large size customized whiteboard wall. The max. Width is 1.2m, If the width is more than 1.2m, needs to be stitched together with two pieces, and the length can be 30m without splicing. Please contact us to know more.