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Production Management board for factory

Production Management board for factory


The need to change the information on the enterprise culture wall is very frequent, but the traditional enterprise culture wall is usually made by PVC film with printing, then apply to the wall by glue, there are many problems such as difficult to installation, time consuming, glue residue, difficult to change etc. UCI magnetic enterprise culture wall solves all the problem of the traditional enterprise culture wall. There are two kinds of UCI magnetic enterprise culture wall, one is double layer magnetic culture wall, this product contains a self adhesive magnetic backing and a ferrous printed surface, the magnetic backing can be mounted to any smooth wall by self adhesive, and the ferrous printed surface can be applied to the magnetic backing very easily. The printed surface can be changed and reusable.

UCI Magnetic Enterprise Culture wall have many advantage, such as the surface can attract magnetic wall decorations or magnetic stationery products, free combination, easy to create replaceable corporate culture wall, workshop management wall, Photo walls, whiteboard walls, display walls, office walls and other multifunctional interactive walls, easy to highlight personalized corporate culture and style, instant upgrade your your corporate image .

Standard width is 600mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, length is unlimited, over the width of 1200mm can be achieved by splicing.