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Children's Graffiti

Magnetic soft white board used at home  for children

Magnetic soft white board used at home for children


UCI Wall mounted double layers Magnetic soft white board contains two parts, the bottom layer is high performance adhesive flexible magnetic backing, the surface layer is high quality Ferrous rewritable PET film.

The adhesive flexible magnetic backing is in standard small size 295 x 295mm, you can apply the magnetic back to the wall by the glue side one by one, after finish the installation of the magnetic backing, simply apply the ferrous writing surface onto the magnetic backing, it is very easy, the installation can easily completed by one person. Easy to install and easy to change the surface.

You can use water based marker pen to write on the surface very  smoothly, and erase without leaving any marks. The PET writing surface guarantee 100000 times writing and erasing without any damage to the surface.

Standard sheet size: 600*300mm, 1200*600mm, 1200*900mm

Standard width: 600mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, the longest length can be 30m Custom size is available upon request.